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About ACP Golfe

The ACP Golfe is the golf department of the Portuguese Auto Club, open to everyone passionate about the game.

Our mission is to cultivate a thriving national golf club that represents the very best in the game, spreading the magic about this sport to people´s lives.

Membership allows access to discounts on golf courses, golf academies, around 30 tournaments a year for members during the weekend, weeks, 9 and 18 holes, corporate events and we manage around 900 handicaps. Check out all the membership benefits

The events are nationwide, and to assist our members, we have 30 ACP delegations in the main portuguese regions.

Member get member

The member get member is a great way to grow the club. 
The member who brings in a new member, receives a free official ACP Golfe shirt.

For each additional member, we will reduce 10€ in next year's ACP Golfe fee!

Become a member of ACP Golfe

To become a Golf member you must be an ACP member. The annual fee without roadside Assistance is 51€ and it´s mandatory to give a portuguese address.

For foreign members with full ACP benefits, but only when in the country, the annual fee is 51€ and it´s mandatory to provide a foreign address and to live abroad.

ACP Golfe Membership fees


0-13 Free Free Free
14-17 28€ 14,25€ 7,25€
18-25 38€ 19,25€ 9,75€
>25 68€ 34,25€ 17,25€


Contact us: [email protected].

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You can also call us by phone: (+351) 213 180 107 (Monday to Friday, from 9am untill 5pm)
Or through ACP 24/7 line: 808 22 22 22

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