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Clubs must promote golf courses to their members, golf courses must offer competitive and attractive conditions, and players must keep their dues up to date and try to play more.

We have contacted all of the golf courses to be able to update members on the current status.

Find out which ones are open and what restrictions they practice here.

For any clarification, please contact Manuel Quinta (ACP Golfe) through the 913772035


Portuguese Golf Federation FEE - 2020

Renew the 2020 Golf federation fee HERE

You should do it until the 15 of april (new date)

Any question please call 913772035 (Manuel Quinta, Golf Director)



Golf Swings drills to improve the aligment

Swing drills are a great way to improve the position or movement in your golf swing. You can use a mirror and slowly move the club into the required position. Check your position in the mirror and correct as it comes necessary.

Swing drills for perfect impacts
Make a practice swing with a 7-iron and stop at impact. Take a look at where your club face is pointing and pay atention to the relationship between your lead arm and club shaft. Many golfers rehearse an impact position that replicates their bad shot (open/closed club face, poor angles between lead arm and club shaft – causing fats and thins). 

Begin in a set-up position, then without making a backswing just press forward against the towel or the wall. You’ll find that as you try to generate more force, your body will want to move into this tour pro position you see below – body rotating through, hands ahead of the club head, square club face. If you want to add a little more resistance lay a weight or your golf bag on to of the towel and move through impact into a follow through.

Be a master at your fundamentals
If you keep your golf grip, golf posture and alignment tidy you will rarely fall into bad swing habits.

Putting drills at home
For optimal putting practice at home should try this:

Check your putting grip and posture in a mirror to ensure all is in order. Lay down a golf club or putting aid and hit 10 – 20 putts.

The idea of putting aids (or a golf club) is to give feedback on your putting swing path and club face. If you miss putts left or right it will most likely be down to one of these two factors.

The last task is to pick a target slightly smaller than a golf hole. See how many times in a row you can hit your target from 6, 8 or 10 feet – keep a note of your personal best.

Chipping inside your home
A small carpeted room can provide some great chipping practice. 

Chipping for accuracy
Take your bottle or Puttout trainer from the putting task and place it 10 – 15 feet away against a wall. Take 10 balls, and see how many chips you can get to hit your target.

Chipping drill for distance 
Take 5 golf balls and set up 15 feet away from the wall. Chip one ball towards the wall, aiming for your shot to finish half the distance (7 1/2 feet). Your next chip shot needs to get past the first ball, but stay short of the wall. Your next shot must get past your second chip shot, but stay short of the wall…this drill sounds so simple, but just try completing it with 5 golf balls.

Golf psychology

Spending 5 – 10 minutes visualising yourself hitting great golf shots, chips and putts over and over again is of benefit, even it it offers just a small gain in performance and confidence.



Watch Golf on Television

Not only is it fun, but you can learn a lot by watching the professionals.
While watching, work on your golf fist, with the feel of the club in your hands, including wrist pressure. 

Here are some suggestions:

Happy Gilmore (The Golf Demon) - A fantastic comedy
Happy Gilmore wants to be a professional hockey player, but discovers that he has a very special talent for playing golf. The outgoing athlete ends up earning enough money to help his grandmother, who is about to lose her home.

Tommy's Honor (a true story)
Tom and Tommy Morris, pioneer father and son in professional golf, relied on skill, business men and working-class street intelligence to make Tommy one of the sport's first stars.

The legend of Bagger Vance
Rannulph Januh (Matt Damon) is a hero of the First World War who accepts to participate in a golf championship with two great professionals of the time, Walter Hagen (Bruce McGill) and Bobby Jones (Joel Gretsch). During the tournament he meets Bagger Vance (Will Smith), a caddy who helps him during the tournament and has the secret of the perfect swing.

Caddyshack (a fantastic comedy)
The film has attracted a large cult of followers and is acclaimed by several publications, such as Time and ESPN, as one of the most fun sports films of all time.
Teenager Danny works at a snob-infested golf club. In an attempt to win votes for a college scholarship reserved for the caddy of clubs, he offers to work for a very influential member of the club.

The Greatest Game Ever Played
Young Francis Ouimet always dreamed of playing golf, but his financial condition and the fact that he needed to work to help support the house did not allow it. Until, a guardian angel enrolls him in the largest golf tournament in the United States, and the young man not only draws attention for his talent ...

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (The legend of Golf)
The biographical drama is based on the true story of the famous golfer Bobby Jones. Known for his intense personality and the large number of tournaments won, Jones quickly rises from the amateur position and becomes a golf legend. When problems arise in reconciling his career with his personal life, Jones consults his wife Mary to make the difficult decision to retire or continue playing.

TIN CUP (The Passion Game)
Psychologist Molly helps a former golfer compete in the U.S. Open. The golfer's biggest motivation to win the tournament is to win Molly's heart.
Cast: Kevin Costner; Rene Russo; Cheech Marin; Don Johnson



All editions of the events, the best moments, the victories, the defeats, but above all, tremendous emotion and spectacle in the 4 most incredible tournaments on our planet. 






Turquia ACP Golf Challenge - 8th to 14th june

The 2020 Golf Trip

Golf Courses: Titanic Golf Club e Lykia World

Charming Turkey is the venue for this year's out-of-doors tournament. An opportunity to join the ACP Golf family on a memorable trip to an Eurasian country.

The panoramic visit in Istanbul city passes through the most emblematic places such as the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Egyptian Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar and the Topkapi Palace, among other places of historical and cultural reference.

On the third day, the journey continues towards Beleck, Antalya, to settle in the stunning Titanic Deluxe Belek Hotel * 5. Here we will be one step away from a fantastic, all-inclusive beach, prepared to discover this region and challenge the Titanic Golf Course & Lykia World Golf Course, which are among the 100 best golf courses in Europe.

It was with great enthusiasm that ACP Golfe and Clube Viagem drew up a program so that the trip remains in everyone's memory.

The competition is part of the 2020 calendar, and is scored for the ACP Grand Prix.

The official competition for the trip will take place on the spectacular Lykia Links Golf on June 13th.


Program type 1
8 to 14 june
Istambul - Antalya - Belek
Price per person in a Double Room = 1430 €

Program Type 2
20 to 14 june
Antalya - Belek
Price per person in a Double Room = 1200 €

For more information, please contact us on [email protected]



Portuguese Golf Federation statement

The medical-sports examination is mandatory, demanded by law for all who wish to join federations with sporting public utility and want to participate in competitions organized by the Portuguese Golf federation.

This medical exame is essential for that from April 1:

  • Mandatory to participate in competitions organized by the Portuguese Golf Federation (exclusively)
  • You dont need the exame to participate in club competitions and have access to handicap management

Thus, it is necessary to clarify all affiliates, or who wish to affiliate, in the Portuguese Golf Federation that:

  • The sports-medical examination can be performed at the Sports Medicine Centre’s, but also by any physician. As a rule, no specialization or special medical qualifications are required for the general sports’ medical assessment exam.
  • To carry out the medical and sports exam you must have the following form
  • The medical decision must be on the form, otherwise it will be ineffective.
  • The sports medical exam is valid annually and must be renewed in the month corresponding to the birthday of the holder.
  • Acceptance of sports insurance by the policyholder depends on the completion of the sports-medical examination.

To sum up, ACP Golf must warn its members of this important legal obligation.

We remind you that the Sports Medical Exam may be done as follows:

  • Sports Medicine Center
  • By any doctor
  • In one of 30 ACP delegations with a doctor partner ACP

To facilitate the process for your associates, you may be assisted by a doctor on any ACP delegation.
To do so, you must make an appointment by email [email protected] or by phone 213180107 (9am to 6pm) and choose the delegation that is most convenient for you.
It has a cost of 25 €.

Contact us and make an appointment for consultation with a doctor in one of the ACP delegations.

Download the form HERE and return only from the detachable sports medical exam reserved for the Federation (as noted on the upper left side of the form).


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