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Dear Member

The values of the admission fee, annual 2020 fee and taxes for the Portuguese Golf Federation are:

Effective Member - Golf players

  • Until 18 Years old – 6 €
  • From 19 to 24 Years old – 18 €
  • More than 24 Years old – 60 €
  • Players wirh any kind of disability medically proven – 6 € 

The fee must be paid between 1of january and 31th of march each year

NOTE 1: The golf players who join the Portuguese Golf Federation for the first time after July 1th, and those not affiliated for over two years, that renew their registration after July 1th, will benefit from a 50% reduction in the value of its annual fee, but only for the first year.

NOTE 2: If the year before fee is not renewed after 31 of march, there is a 10% increase (applyed by the PGF)


Bank transfer: 
IBAN: PT50 0007 0006 0001 5740 0040 9 

Mandatory: please send proof of the bank transfer to [email protected]


Your are just one click away to get your new FPG membership card.

This is the new FPG membership card. In order to obtain it*, please update your data on myFPG, the recently launched private member’s area on the Portuguese Golf Federation website.
In this area you will be able to access your scores, handicap evolution and very soon to register your Extra Day Scores and enter Portuguese Golf Federation championships.

Go to http://my.fpg.pt/, myFPG and benefit from a wide range of information, benefits and discounts.

*Membership card will be shipped to Portuguese addresses only.


  • Handicap management
  • Golf Course discounts
  • Tournament participation
  • Golf Insurance
  • Score analisys

Play more golf, be a better player, grow the game

ACP Golfe

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